Cylinders In Nor Cal

There’s nothing better than a few drain pipes unloading on your local sandbar. BBurt’s video, “Northern CA 2/13/18” offers just that. A refreshingly fun edit documenting a less death defying side of winter time up north. Featuring surfing by Matty Lopez, Michael Taras, Marty Magnusen, Ian Glover, Andy Olive, and Lewis Samuels, this short edit will […]

Dave Rastovich In “Quivered”

Dave Rastovich is a twin fin guru. Given his enormous wealth of experience piloting keel finned boards in all manner of conditions, he’s well worth listening to on the subject. In this short piece by Nathan Oldfield (The Church of the Open Sky) he demonstrates and talks about his unique quiver. But really he wouldn’t […]

“Andy Nieblas Logging Sano”

At the risk of stating the obvious, not everyone who gets up on a log is all that interesting to watch. Andy Nieblas is an exception. Somewhere in the crossroads between gracefulness and spasmadicism lies his unique and unpredictable approach. Add a touch of creativity, some Flamencoesque movements, super sideburns, dramatic poses, the odd cannonball […]

Slow Dance B-Sides

Craig Anderson, Dane Reynolds, Ozzy Wright, Ryan Burch, Rob Machado, Thomas Campbell, Dion Agius, Nate Tyler, some guy on a knee board, a lamp shade, Occy’s presurf warm-up, quality ponchos, and other A-grade B-side super 16mm footage recovered from the cutting room floor makes for inspired viewing. Throw in some intriguing soundscapes and it only […]

“Message In A Bottle” Art Show In SF Accepting Submissions

Ocean health, art, community education on the topic of plastic pollution, good vibes, and inspirational activism – what’s not to like about the upcoming collaborative art show dubbed Message In A Bottle? Hosted by the San Francisco Chapter of Surfrider Foundation, this event is entering its third year and evolving as it goes. Set to […]

Getting Funky In “Aloha Country”

Cruisey vibes, funky cowbell, and celebrity appeal flow in this one featuring an appearance in the water by Jack Johnson. Steeped deep in grainy Honolulu high rise imagery and experimental board design, the intriguing footage presented here by Jack Coleman and Mollusk could easily be mistaken for a time machine warp session through a fictional […]

Winter Inspiration “The B Wolf”

Peter Devries is known for his cold water prowess. In this short piece by Ben Gulliver he teams up with Chippa Wilson to put on a neoprene laden icy performance, otherwise known as solid surfing in normal Canadian conditions. Oh yeah, don’t mind the bear or maybe wolf lingering near the shore… sources and links: […]

Surfers Aid Southern California Fire Relief Efforts – Get Involved

With hundreds of buildings destroyed and thousands more threatened in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, what formerly stood like an inviting series of surfside communities now resembles a war zone. Muted sunset smoke filled skies, charred vehicles, pedestrians with makeshift gas masks, and annihilated buildings paint a grim Southern Californian panorama. And while the scope of […]

Formula Fun – Recycleable Twin Fin Foamies

Thanks to Jamie O’Brien’s high profile soft-top antics and every imitator on the planet, the popularity of foamies has reached ridiculous heights. It was estimated by Bloomberg Businessweek that as of 2015 about 500,000 Wavestorms had been sold. There are massive Instagram accounts dedicated to soft-tops, faomie surf contests, and surf school flotillas blanketing every conceivable […]

“California (Part 2) A Surfing Film”

I can’t get enough of my home state, California. And neither can millions of others. Jeff Chavolla‘s sweeping videos remind us why. Lush geography and a rich diversity of surf set-ups translates into a modern day gold rush – with arguably better rewards. sources and links: Jeff Chavolla

Quality Mindsurfing: “Jungle” By Morgan Maassen

In a world where surf movies saturate all media platforms it take a lot to stand out. Jungle by Morgan Maassen manages to do this. With mesmerizing cinematography, a unique editing style, and creative music selections this one transcends your typical video. The diverse cast of surfers featured in it include  Marlon Gerber, Lee Wilson, Noa […]

“Headwind Haters”

“You can become obsessed with wave quality when traveling at high speeds, focused on one solo and death to the rest of the orchestra, the texture of the journey forgotten. For us surfing became a release, freedom from the dense earth from which we had been laboring. It was cold, clear, joy.” – Mike Lay […]

“Running From The Sun”

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—/I took the one less traveled by” – Robert Frost – Going against the grain and exploring less traveled routes sometimes results in gratifying outcomes. While most surfers aim for warm locations and sureshot destinations, seeking alternate regions and colder climates can also be rewarding. Throw in a […]

“Dancin’ With The One I Love” In Northern California

Heavy hollow conditions emerge in Northern California during fall and winter. This piece from Perry Gershkow captures just how good and intense it can get when the elements come together. Featuring Nat Young, Matt Lopez, Cyrus Sutton, Shawn Dollar, Tyler Fox, Pat Gudauskas, Marty Magnusen, Dane Gudauskas, Kyle Thiermann, Michael Taras, Pat Shaughnessy, and Trevor Bloom this one is guaranteed to inspire. sources and links: Perry Gershkow

Ian Walsh’s Perfect 10 At Pe’ahi Challenge 2017

Watching history unfold in the age of information and media is mesmerizing. Such is the case with Ian Walsh’s perfect 10 in the 2017 Pe’ahi Challenge. Threading a barrel the size of a helicopter requires total commitment, phenomenal skill, sheer composure, and incredible luck. View it below from a pulled back angel curtesy of Aaron Lynton. […]

“We Are The Cosmos” – Thomas Cambell Art Show Opens In SF

The cosmos is all encompassing. According to Merrium-Webster it is “an orderly harmonious systematic universe” or “a complex orderly self-inclusive system.” By titling his new show We Are The Cosmos, Thomas Campbell appears to be reaching for an expression of universal connectivity. This theme manifests in the show through an exhibition of a diversity of mediums and […]

OB Music And Art Festival 2017

With tragedy setting in all over the place (hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, shootings) why not take a break for a moment and indulge in some positivity? Much needed music, art, food, libations, and good vibes are set to go down at the Ocean Beach Music and Art Festival this coming Saturday, October 14, 2017. Some of […]

Without A Jersey: “La Belle Hossegor”

A little French music, hollow beach break, and top tiered competitive talent sans jersey make this short clip by Darkline Productions worthy viewing. So grab a baguette, your favorite wine, some cheese perhaps and indulge in La Belle Hossegor. Treat yourself to a two minute cinematic experience and witness John John landing an air nearly on […]

Oceans 12 – Group Art Show To Benefit Ocean Conservancy

A group art show at ArtHaus in San Francisco titled Oceans 12 is set to run from Thursday, October 5th through Saturday, October 7th with an opening reception on Thursday from 6-8PM. Twenty percent of all proceeds generated from the exhibition will go to Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that seeks to create “science-based solutions for a healthy […]

Going Slow Mo At The Lane

Surfing is phenomenal – even on an average day with average surfers. Slowing footage down and applying a fitting soundtrack, as in Surfing West Cliff by Kevin Sueksdorf, offers a closer look at the beauty in it. Throw in a few landscape shots of one of the most intriguing locations on the California coast and the […]

“Fish” The Documentary

Directed by Joseph Ryan, Fish is a documentary that delves deep into the history of a classic surfboard shape. The goal of the film is to take “a look at the origin and impact of the fish surfboard design and then how it would influence surf culture 30 years later.” With surfing and interviews by Steve Lis, Skip […]

Pulling Into Smoke Bombs With Alex Gray

It’s always inspiring to watch Alex Gray surf. In any clip where he’s featured you’re virtually guaranteed to see some amazing tube riding skills. This edit, entitled Smoke Bomb, is no exception. In it he threads through deep section after deep section on a perfect sand bottom right point in Mexico. Click play and enjoy mind […]

Dani Alvite – Logging Solo In Spain

It’s rare these days to get waves to yourself. When it happens you should definitely take advantage of it. Ride a thruster, twin fin, glider, handplane or, as in this video featuring Dani Alvite, a traditional log. Throw some jazz, a few disinterested bystanders, and a unique landscape in there and you have a very […]

Noa Mizuno Going “Full Speed”

Full Speed is an inspiring piece about finding your flow, taking a risk, being persistent, and following your dreams. Focused in on young Hawaiian Noa Mizuno and his quest to evolve, it includes quality footage of enticing landscapes, and passionate surfing in high caliber waves. Press play and enjoy a fresh take on a classic […]

Reverberating Positivity – How To Help Mexico And Puerto Rico

For decades, Mexico and Puerto Rico have offered phenomenal wave rich destinations to traveling surfers. From thundering Puerto Escondido tubes to long cruisy waves at La Salidita to heaving Tres Palmas and perfect Rincon both regions have provided sheer epicness over the years. In the wake of recent earthquakes and hurricanes both locations are rattled. […]

Elishama Beckford – Shredding In Jamaica

It’s refreshing to see talented surfers emerge from locations that, for a long time, were not on the mainstream surf media radar. Enter players like Elishama Beckford from Jamaica. He’s one of many up-and-coming stand-outs from the island. This clip by Louis Josek offers a sample of the talent surfacing in Jamaica and other islands that may […]

In The Studio – Danny Hess Talks Shaping With Wood And Such

Ever since Danny Hess started shaping surfboards his approach to creating them gained attention and intrigue. Hand crafted from biologically sustainable materials and designed to be both aesthetically inspiring and functional – they stand apart from typical surfboard constructions. In the interview below he talks about his process and how he evolved as a shaper. […]

Dane Reynolds In “Premium Violence”

Dane Reynolds is a stand out among stand outs. The speed, height, and power he generates is expressionistic. Air drops into throaty sections, ridiculously giant airs, long fast tubes, and signature rail grab power gouges are emblematic of his style. It’s impossible not to be motivated to push your own limits after witnessing his video […]

A Walk On Water Hosts Series Of Therapeutic Surf Events With Stop In Santa Cruz

As most people who surf can attest to, the ocean holds therapeutic potential. This theory has been tested recently by many organizations seeking to help people overcome adversity through contact with the ocean. For veterans, disadvantaged youth, and people grappling with mental and physical challenges, a little water time can be healing. Enter the nonprofit […]

“Vanishing Worlds: An Exploration of Fine Art and Environmental Conservation”

Surfing under the Aurora Borealis, ice caps melting, and narwhals being hunted are a few of the subjects documented by Chris Burkard and Paul Nicklen. Both Burkard and Nicklen are well known for riveting landscape photography that delves deep into the outer reaches of the Arctic. The two powerhouse photographers recently joined forces for an […]

“Women of Surfing: Art & History” Exhibition To Overlap With WSL Women’s Competition

The Huntington Beach Art Center is hosting a new exhibit entitled Women of Surfing: Art & History in collaboration with the Surfing Heritage & Cultural Center. The show features artwork by women with close ties to the ocean, along with vintage surf equipment and historical documentation. This exhibit will kick-off about a week before the WSL […]

“Dispatch From Mexico”

With violence and murder rates spiking in Mexico the question for traveling surfers becomes, “Why would you take a risk and go there?” The answer comes in the form of a “Dispatch From Mexico” by Eugenio Barcelloni. Heaving barrels and sand bottom point perfection stand as evidence that there’s more to Mexico than the perils […]

Torren Martyn – Twin Fin In Nias

High quality film and masterful wave riding are always a good combo – enter Ocean Motion by Alessio Saraifoger. In it Torren Martyn continues testing the limits of twin fin set-ups in throaty waves like Nias. Martyn’s progressive style on retro inspired shapes is carving out a fresh take on how lines can be drawn […]

Carissa Moore And “Morocco In Flux”

While Carissa Moore is competitive she generally lets her surfing do the talking. With three world championships to her name, a humble demeanor, and an infectious smile it’s impossible not to be a fan of her act. In the clip below, it’s refreshing to see her surf without a jersey on. Add a few camel rides, […]

Because, HT’s

Is it better to burn out, or fade away? Either way, it’s good to dream a little in the mean time. Video footage from last week at HT’s curtesy of Hollow Tree’s Resort. sources and links:

Getting “Knosty In Oz”

Alex Knost surfs like a caricature of himself in this piece – fast feet and distinct style on cartoonishly green waves peeling for days in the land of Oz.   sources and links: video: Jimmy Jazz James music: Blister

Moore And Weston-Webb Give Back In Fiji

Throughout most of the Women’s Outerknown Fiji Pro the waves on tap were small and the competition was fierce. Tatiana Weston-Webb caused a few upsets as she sliced her way to a final staged in heavier conditions against Courtney Conlogue. Although she lost to Conlogue, Weston-Webb took out three-time world champ Carissa Moore and 2015 Fiji Pro winner Sally […]

Jack O’Neill – Northern California Legend (1923-2017)

“I’m into the ocean, I’ve always believed in its healing powers. It has proved therapeutic for people with physical and mental disabilities, for veterans returning from war, for everyone.” – Jack O’Neill I owe a huge thanks to Jack O’Neill for setting in motion the evolution of cold water surfing. As a pioneer in the development […]

Losing Track Of Limits On A Twin Fin In Oz

Red dusty roads that stretch forever, epic tubes, and the quintessential crocodile lurking in the bush are on tap in this cinematographically refreshing video by Ishka Folkwell. In it Torren Martyn pushes the limits of twin fin surfboard designs as he explores elusive tracks in the far reaches of Australia, scoring inspirational waves along the way. Watch more videos […]

Operation Amped

“War is neither glamorous nor attractive. It is monstrous. Its very nature is one of tragedy and suffering.” – 14th Dalai Lama While the 14th Dalai Lama concedes that war is sometimes necessary to defend against tyranny and oppression, he’s also quick to elaborate on how senseless, brutal, and destructive it is for many who are […]

“Eye Yi Yi” Andy Davis Solo Show In Malibu

Andy Davis is known for creating stylish surf-steeped animation based imagery that hones in on the essence of wave riding and its surrounding culture. Powerful lines swoop through his work, culminating in seemingly simple abstract compositions that flow through vibrant colors straight off the canvas. His subject matter includes figures crouched in styled out tube stance, rail […]

Resurgence Of Surf Film Screening Tours

A new wave of surf based film premiers and live screening events is surging. During the last few months alone a cavalcade of movies launched on national and international tour. Taylor Steel’s Proximity, Chris Burkard’s Under An Arctic Sky, Keith Malloy’s Fishpeople, Jess Bianchi’s Given, and Eddie Obrand’s Pedro Bay are just a handful of the features circulating through major cities. While demand […]

Video Highlights From 2017 Mexi Log Fest

Here are a few clips by Sean Keany of the 2017 Mexi Log Fest at La Saladita, featuring CJ Nelson, Ryan Burch, Alex Knost, and Tommy Witt. The idea behind the event is to fuse yoga, local cuisine, surf clinics for kids, live music, classic logging style, and good vibes for a unique invitational longboarding competition. For […]

Ryan Burch Surfing A Block Of Foam And Such

Ryan Burch is always at it – constantly testing the outer limits of self-shaped oddities. Asymetricals, rainbow colored fish, and 14 foot gliders, are a few of the designs he’s piloted. Why not take it a step further and go shapeless? In Erik Derman’s short edit Burch goes all the way, surfing what might be surfboard […]

Benjamin Von Wong’s Plastic Pollution Mermaids

Benjamin Von Wong makes a valid point in his latest expressive campaign – it’s not easy and yet extremely critical to get public interest focused on the issue of plastic pollution. In his latest video he questions if the eye of an illustrious artist, hard work by dedicated volunteers, good intentions, and painted women are enough to get the […]

Radical Cleaning Contraptions – And The Wizards Behind Them

The spread of plastic and other garbage in our oceans is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The amount of plastic floating around weighs between 4.8 and 12.7 million metric tons according to a study published in the journal Science. Larger pieces are breaking down into tiny fragments, creating a toxic underwater smog. Plastic pollution is hurting marine […]

“Artists For Water” T-Shirt Campaign

Waves For Water has an ambitious mission statement – “To get clean water to every single person who needs it.” Through disseminating water filters and educating people about how to use them they’ve helped improve the lives of countless people around the globe. The organization is currently launching a creative campaign, entitled Artists For Water, to raise money for […]

“Proximity” – Taylor Steele’s Film Tours Near And Far

Taylor Steele needs no introduction. He’s been dropping culture shaping surf films since the early 1990s. The term “momentum generation” which refers to some of the world’s most influential surfers to come out of the 90s (including Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, Shane Dorian, Kalani Robb, Benji Weatherly, Ross Williams, Chris Malloy, and Rizal Tanjung), was […]

Mexi Log Fest 2017 At La Saladita

Mexi Log Fest 2017, a unique surf invitational competition and music festival, goes down May 4-7th at La Salidita in Mexico: The multi-day experience includes yoga, local cuisine, surf clinics for kids, live music, and the marquee event – Joel Tudor’s Duct Tape Invitational “competition.” The goal of the contest is to showcase traditional logging, and classic style. Competitors […]

“Island Earth” – Cyrus Sutton’s New Film About GMOs In Hawaii

Cyrus Sutton is well known for his crafty approach to surf travel and ability to creatively document it. One of his early efforts, Compassing, brought his viewers along as he outfitted a camper van and drove it through Mexico, capturing POV footage of fun looking surf along the way. Since then, he’s helped launch a non-toxic sun […]

Tidal Energy – Tapping The Ebb And Flow Of A Renewable Source

Tidal flow can be intense. If you’ve ever paddled against a tide-based rip current, or witnessed video of tidal bores pushing up a river, you know this. Some researchers, however, are taking this concept to an extreme by developing evolutionary methods of harvesting renewable energy from tidal movements. Tide fluctuation is largely generated by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun with varying […]

Mavs In Slow Motion – A Different Take And Short Interview With Adam Warmington

Mavericks is a beast – heavy, dark, gnarly, aggressive, sometimes lethal. Slow it down, though, add a touch of piano and a different perspective of the fabled big wave emerges: Adam Warmington, the creative force behind this video, is a photographer and director at the helm of an Emmy Award winning creative production company. The […]

“Fishpeople” – Keith Malloy’s Transformative New Film

Keith Malloy has had a storied, surf-steeped career. He competed on the US national team as an amateur, battled on the elite world tour in his prime, and challenged for championships in body surfing contests at high caliber locations like Pipeline. Along the way, he’s also been featured in countless video edits, and surfed some of the most remote […]

“Beyond The Break” – Farming And Surfing In Ireland

In this inspiring video from The Perennial Plate a group of professional surfers in Ireland turned to farming and living locally instead of continuing to chase waves around the globe: According to their website, “The Perennial Plate is a two-time James Beard Award winning online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating.” sources and links:

Hess Surfboards – High Performance Sustainable Works Of Art

Danny Hess is a shaper with a different take on how things should be done. Instead of aiming to mass produce and cash in on flimsy, prefabricated pop-outs, he’s pushed to, “evolve what a surfboard can be, and create new technologies.” The surfboards and handplanes he makes are wood-based works of art. Each individual board is handcrafted using […]

“Phosphorescence” – A Charlie Callahan Exhibition At Mollusk- SF

A black light sea urchin mandala, a starfish crucifixion sculpture, a sardonic painting entitled Whale Evacuation Plan, and other representations of a perilously anthropocentric connection between humanity and sea life make up some of the subject matter of Charlie Callahan’s work. Callahan studied art at Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio before settling into the art scene along […]

Rastovich Vibrations, Yeah

  Dave Rastovich has long been an ambassador for those taking on ocean based causes. In this short video he reps handcrafted brewing company Stone and Wood and talks about the importance of sustainability in business. Also, there’s footage of Rasta surfing a twin fin fish as well as anyone in the world and doing some crafty […]

2017 International Ocean Film Festival SF – Includes Surf Based Series

The 14th annual International Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco is set to  run from March 9 – 11, 2017. This year’s four day schedule is broken down into 12 programs ranging in topic from surfing, to oceanic science, to student competition, to various regional themes. Program 5, a surfing series, is scheduled for Friday, March […]

Ntando Msibi – Chasing Dreams

“Never give up, chase your dreams, and always be yourself” – Ntando Msibi The best advice I’ve heard in a long time comes from a 19-year-old South African surfer who beat incredible odds to make it off the streets and into a healthy surf based lifestyle. The above video put out by Ruwac Productions, and directed […]

Meet The Bruhwilers

  Get to know the awesome old-school family that is the Bruhwilers. Go deep into the frosty waves and wilds of back country Canada in this seven minute video presented by Yeti.  Also the surf is amazing, and savage and inspiring… sources and links:

“The Bonzer” – An Exhibition Of An Unsung Archetypal Surfboard Design

  The Costa Mesa Conceptual Art Center, a gallery space developed by Alex Knost and Daniella Murphy, is hosting an exhibit titled The Bonzer. The show celebrates the history of a surfboard design that quietly pushed the boundaries of the shortboard revolution and yet largely stayed off the mainstream radar. Originally created by Malcolm and Duncan Campbell in the […]

“Message In A Bottle” Collaborative Art Exhibit And Educational Event In SF

The spread of plastic in our oceans is a massive problem that calls for immediate large scale corrective action. Plastic pollution is causing direct harm to marine life, contaminating the food chain, and contributing to climate change (5 Gyres). According to a peer reviewed journal published through PLOS in 2014, there’s more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic weighing […]

Protected Coastline – Obama’s Final Ode To California

During the last days of his final term, President Barack Obama expanded the California Coastal National Monument (CCNM), protecting six locations along the coast that make up 6,230 acres of California shoreline. The move was part of a larger conservation and commemoration effort that involved the establishment of three civil rights monuments in Alabama and South Carolina, and the expansion of […]

Preserving A Classic – Trestles Protected

It’s hard to imagine an iconic surf spot and natural sanctuary like Trestles and San Onofre State Beach being overrun by the construction of another Southern California roadway, yet this was almost the case. Thanks to the hard work, dedication, and legal action by the Save San Onofre Coalition, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, the California Park […]

Pulling Into Clean Energy

Regardless of whether you’re pulling into giant pits at Teahupoo, enjoying nice long walls at Rincon, or standing up and going straight in the white wash, all surfers know on some instinctual level there’s energy in waves. We can feel it as we’re propelled towards shore. Understanding and manifesting the potential to convert wave energy into a […]

Paddling Into The Outerknown

Eleven time world champ, Kelly Slater, is not done making an impact on surf culture. With too many competitive victories to name, and a litany of humanitarian contributions already behind him like displaced water from his last cutback, it’s safe to say Slater is pushing the limits of surfing into the Outerknown. The moniker, “Outerknown” is not only the freakish […]