“Phosphorescence” – A Charlie Callahan Exhibition At Mollusk- SF

A black light sea urchin mandala, a starfish crucifixion sculpture, a sardonic painting entitled Whale Evacuation Plan, and other representations of a perilously anthropocentric connection between humanity and sea life make up some of the subject matter of Charlie Callahan’s work. Callahan studied art at Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio before settling into the art scene along […]

Rastovich Vibrations, Yeah

  Dave Rastovich has long been an ambassador for those taking on ocean based causes. In this short video he reps handcrafted brewing company Stone and Wood and talks about the importance of sustainability in business. Also, there’s footage of Rasta surfing a twin fin fish as well as anyone in the world and doing some crafty […]

2017 International Ocean Film Festival SF – Includes Surf Based Series

The 14th annual International Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco is set to  run from March 9 – 11, 2017. This year’s four day schedule is broken down into 12 programs ranging in topic from surfing, to oceanic science, to student competition, to various regional themes. Program 5, a surfing series, is scheduled for Friday, March […]

Ntando Msibi – Chasing Dreams

“Never give up, chase your dreams, and always be yourself” – Ntando Msibi The best advice I’ve heard in a long time comes from a 19-year-old South African surfer who beat incredible odds to make it off the streets and into a healthy surf based lifestyle. The above video put out by Ruwac Productions, and directed […]

Meet The Bruhwilers

  Get to know the awesome old-school family that is the Bruhwilers. Go deep into the frosty waves and wilds of back country Canada in this seven minute video presented by Yeti.  Also the surf is amazing, and savage and inspiring… sources and links: http://yeti.com