Noa Mizuno Going “Full Speed”

Full Speed is an inspiring piece about finding your flow, taking a risk, being persistent, and following your dreams. Focused in on young Hawaiian Noa Mizuno and his quest to evolve, it includes quality footage of enticing landscapes, and passionate surfing in high caliber waves. Press play and enjoy a fresh take on a classic […]

Reverberating Positivity – How To Help Mexico And Puerto Rico

For decades, Mexico and Puerto Rico have offered phenomenal wave rich destinations to traveling surfers. From thundering Puerto Escondido tubes to long cruisy waves at La Salidita to heaving Tres Palmas and perfect Rincon both regions have provided sheer epicness over the years. In the wake of recent earthquakes and hurricanes both locations are rattled. […]

Elishama Beckford – Shredding In Jamaica

It’s refreshing to see talented surfers emerge from locations that, for a long time, were not on the mainstream surf media radar. Enter players like Elishama Beckford from Jamaica. He’s one of many up-and-coming stand-outs from the island. This clip by Louis Josek offers a sample of the talent surfacing in Jamaica and other islands that may […]

In The Studio – Danny Hess Talks Shaping With Wood And Such

Ever since Danny Hess started shaping surfboards his approach to creating them gained attention and intrigue. Hand crafted from biologically sustainable materials and designed to be both aesthetically inspiring and functional – they stand apart from typical surfboard constructions. In the interview below he talks about his process and how he evolved as a shaper. […]