Cylinders In Nor Cal

There’s nothing better than a few drain pipes unloading on your local sandbar. BBurt’s video, “Northern CA 2/13/18” offers just that. A refreshingly fun edit documenting a less death defying side of winter time up north. Featuring surfing by Matty Lopez, Michael Taras, Marty Magnusen, Ian Glover, Andy Olive, and Lewis Samuels, this short edit will […]

Dave Rastovich In “Quivered”

Dave Rastovich is a twin fin guru. Given his enormous wealth of experience piloting keel finned boards in all manner of conditions, he’s well worth listening to on the subject. In this short piece by Nathan Oldfield (The Church of the Open Sky) he demonstrates and talks about his unique quiver. But really he wouldn’t […]

“Andy Nieblas Logging Sano”

At the risk of stating the obvious, not everyone who gets up on a log is all that interesting to watch. Andy Nieblas is an exception. Somewhere in the crossroads between gracefulness and spasmadicism lies his unique and unpredictable approach. Add a touch of creativity, some Flamencoesque movements, super sideburns, dramatic poses, the odd cannonball […]