“California (Part 2) A Surfing Film”

I can’t get enough of my home state, California. And neither can millions of others. Jeff Chavolla‘s sweeping videos remind us why. Lush geography and a rich diversity of surf set-ups translates into a modern day gold rush – with arguably better rewards. sources and links: Jeff Chavolla

Quality Mindsurfing: “Jungle” By Morgan Maassen

In a world where surf movies saturate all media platforms it take a lot to stand out. Jungle by Morgan Maassen manages to do this. With mesmerizing cinematography, a unique editing style, and creative music selections this one transcends your typical video. The diverse cast of surfers featured in it include  Marlon Gerber, Lee Wilson, Noa […]

“Headwind Haters”

“You can become obsessed with wave quality when traveling at high speeds, focused on one solo and death to the rest of the orchestra, the texture of the journey forgotten. For us surfing became a release, freedom from the dense earth from which we had been laboring. It was cold, clear, joy.” – Mike Lay […]

“Running From The Sun”

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—/I took the one less traveled by” – Robert Frost – Going against the grain and exploring less traveled routes sometimes results in gratifying outcomes. While most surfers aim for warm locations and sureshot destinations, seeking alternate regions and colder climates can also be rewarding. Throw in a […]

“Dancin’ With The One I Love” In Northern California

Heavy hollow conditions emerge in Northern California during fall and winter. This piece from Perry Gershkow captures just how good and intense it can get when the elements come together. Featuring Nat Young, Matt Lopez, Cyrus Sutton, Shawn Dollar, Tyler Fox, Pat Gudauskas, Marty Magnusen, Dane Gudauskas, Kyle Thiermann, Michael Taras, Pat Shaughnessy, and Trevor Bloom this one is guaranteed to inspire. sources and links: Perry Gershkow

Ian Walsh’s Perfect 10 At Pe’ahi Challenge 2017

Watching history unfold in the age of information and media is mesmerizing. Such is the case with Ian Walsh’s perfect 10 in the 2017 Pe’ahi Challenge. Threading a barrel the size of a helicopter requires total commitment, phenomenal skill, sheer composure, and incredible luck. View it below from a pulled back angel curtesy of Aaron Lynton. […]