Without A Jersey: “La Belle Hossegor”

A little French music, hollow beach break, and top tiered competitive talent sans jersey make this short clip by Darkline Productions worthy viewing. So grab a baguette, your favorite wine, some cheese perhaps and indulge in La Belle Hossegor. Treat yourself to a two minute cinematic experience and witness John John landing an air nearly on […]

Going Slow Mo At The Lane

Surfing is phenomenal – even on an average day with average surfers. Slowing footage down and applying a fitting soundtrack, as in Surfing West Cliff by Kevin Sueksdorf, offers a closer look at the beauty in it. Throw in a few landscape shots of one of the most intriguing locations on the California coast and the […]

Pulling Into Smoke Bombs With Alex Gray

It’s always inspiring to watch Alex Gray surf. In any clip where he’s featured you’re virtually guaranteed to see some amazing tube riding skills. This edit, entitled Smoke Bomb, is no exception. In it he threads through deep section after deep section on a perfect sand bottom right point in Mexico. Click play and enjoy mind […]

Dani Alvite – Logging Solo In Spain

It’s rare these days to get waves to yourself. When it happens you should definitely take advantage of it. Ride a thruster, twin fin, glider, handplane or, as in this video featuring Dani Alvite, a traditional log. Throw some jazz, a few disinterested bystanders, and a unique landscape in there and you have a very […]

Noa Mizuno Going “Full Speed”

Full Speed is an inspiring piece about finding your flow, taking a risk, being persistent, and following your dreams. Focused in on young Hawaiian Noa Mizuno and his quest to evolve, it includes quality footage of enticing landscapes, and passionate surfing in high caliber waves. Press play and enjoy a fresh take on a classic […]

Elishama Beckford – Shredding In Jamaica

It’s refreshing to see talented surfers emerge from locations that, for a long time, were not on the mainstream surf media radar. Enter players like Elishama Beckford from Jamaica. He’s one of many up-and-coming stand-outs from the island. This clip by Louis Josek offers a sample of the talent surfacing in Jamaica and other islands that may […]