Oceans 12 – Group Art Show To Benefit Ocean Conservancy

A group art show at ArtHaus in San Francisco entitled Oceans 12 is set to run from Thursday, October 5th through Saturday, October 7th with an opening reception on Thursday from 6-8PM. Twenty percent of all proceeds generated from the exhibition will go to Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that seeks to create “science-based solutions for a healthy […]

“Vanishing Worlds: An Exploration of Fine Art and Environmental Conservation”

Surfing under the Aurora Borealis, ice caps melting, and narwhals being hunted are a few of the subjects documented by Chris Burkard and Paul Nicklen. Both Burkard and Nicklen are well known for riveting landscape photography that delves deep into the outer reaches of the Arctic. The two powerhouse photographers recently joined forces for an […]

“Women of Surfing: Art & History” Exhibition To Overlap With WSL Women’s Competition

The Huntington Beach Art Center is hosting a new exhibit entitled Women of Surfing: Art & History in collaboration with the Surfing Heritage & Cultural Center. The show features artwork by women with close ties to the ocean, along with vintage surf equipment and historical documentation. This exhibit will kick-off about a week before the WSL […]

“Eye Yi Yi” Andy Davis Solo Show In Malibu

Andy Davis is known for creating stylish surf-steeped animation based imagery that hones in on the essence of wave riding and its surrounding culture. Powerful lines swoop through his work, culminating in seemingly simple abstract compositions that flow through vibrant colors straight off the canvas. His subject matter includes figures crouched in styled out tube stance, rail […]

Benjamin Von Wong’s Plastic Pollution Mermaids

Benjamin Von Wong makes a valid point in his latest expressive campaign – it’s not easy and yet extremely critical to get public interest focused on the issue of plastic pollution. In his latest video he questions if the eye of an illustrious artist, hard work by dedicated volunteers, good intentions, and painted women are enough to get the […]