Dave Rastovich In “Quivered”

Dave Rastovich is a twin fin guru. Given his enormous wealth of experience piloting keel finned boards in all manner of conditions, he’s well worth listening to on the subject. In this short piece by Nathan Oldfield (The Church of the Open Sky) he demonstrates and talks about his unique quiver. But really he wouldn’t […]

In The Studio – Danny Hess Talks Shaping With Wood And Such

Ever since Danny Hess started shaping surfboards his approach to creating them gained attention and intrigue. Hand crafted from biologically sustainable materials and designed to be both aesthetically inspiring and functional – they stand apart from typical surfboard constructions. In the interview below he talks about his process and how he evolved as a shaper. […]

Hess Surfboards – High Performance Sustainable Works Of Art

Danny Hess is a shaper with a different take on how things should be done. Instead of aiming to mass produce and cash in on flimsy, prefabricated pop-outs, he’s pushed to, “evolve what a surfboard can be, and create new technologies.” The surfboards and handplanes he makes are wood-based works of art. Each individual board is handcrafted using […]

“The Bonzer” – An Exhibition Of An Unsung Archetypal Surfboard Design

  The Costa Mesa Conceptual Art Center, a gallery space developed by Alex Knost and Daniella Murphy, is hosting an exhibit titled The Bonzer. The show celebrates the history of a surfboard design that quietly pushed the boundaries of the shortboard revolution and yet largely stayed off the mainstream radar. Originally created by Malcolm and Duncan Campbell in the […]