“Message In A Bottle” Art Show In SF Accepting Submissions

Ocean health, art, community education on the topic of plastic pollution, good vibes, and inspirational activism – what’s not to like about the upcoming collaborative art show dubbed Message In A Bottle? Hosted by the San Francisco Chapter of Surfrider Foundation, this event is entering its third year and evolving as it goes. Set to […]

“We Are The Cosmos” – Thomas Cambell Art Show Opens In SF

The cosmos is all encompassing. According to Merrium-Webster it is “an orderly harmonious systematic universe” or “a complex orderly self-inclusive system.” By titling his new show We Are The Cosmos, Thomas Campbell appears to be reaching for an expression of universal connectivity. This theme manifests in the show through an exhibition of a diversity of mediums and […]

“Women of Surfing: Art & History” Exhibition To Overlap With WSL Women’s Competition

The Huntington Beach Art Center is hosting a new exhibit entitled Women of Surfing: Art & History in collaboration with the Surfing Heritage & Cultural Center. The show features artwork by women with close ties to the ocean, along with vintage surf equipment and historical documentation. This exhibit will kick-off about a week before the WSL […]

“Eye Yi Yi” Andy Davis Solo Show In Malibu

Andy Davis is known for creating stylish surf-steeped animation based imagery that hones in on the essence of wave riding and its surrounding culture. Powerful lines swoop through his work, culminating in seemingly simple abstract compositions that flow through vibrant colors straight off the canvas. His subject matter includes figures crouched in styled out tube stance, rail […]

“Phosphorescence” – A Charlie Callahan Exhibition At Mollusk- SF

A black light sea urchin mandala, a starfish crucifixion sculpture, a sardonic painting entitled Whale Evacuation Plan, and other representations of a perilously anthropocentric connection between humanity and sea life make up some of the subject matter of Charlie Callahan’s work. Callahan studied art at Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio before settling into the art scene along […]