A Walk On Water Hosts Series Of Therapeutic Surf Events With Stop In Santa Cruz

As most people who surf can attest to, the ocean holds therapeutic potential. This theory has been tested recently by many organizations seeking to help people overcome adversity through contact with the ocean. For veterans, disadvantaged youth, and people grappling with mental and physical challenges, a little water time can be healing. Enter the nonprofit […]

The Reynolds Family

Not every professional surfer is about to let down their guard and give you an honest look at their life. Dane Reynolds is not your average pro. With the release of Chapter 11 he let his fans peek into a darker side of the surf industry and what it can be like for those on […]

When I Was A Grom – Carissa Moore

Would you recognize a future world champion if you saw one surfing as a grom? Obviously it’s easier in retrospect. In this piece, Carissa Moore waxes prodigious and acts goofy as a nine-year-old should in her home state of Hawaii. Of course you’d know she was bound to win at least three world titles if […]