Reverberating Positivity – How To Help Mexico And Puerto Rico

For decades, Mexico and Puerto Rico have offered phenomenal wave rich destinations to traveling surfers. From thundering Puerto Escondido tubes to long cruisy waves at La Salidita to heaving Tres Palmas and perfect Rincon both regions have provided sheer epicness over the years. In the wake of recent earthquakes and hurricanes both locations are rattled. […]

Passing The Hat For Haiti

Haiti is in Crisis. On October 4, 2016 Hurricane Mathew, a category 4 hurricane, slammed into the island and caused extreme destruction. A staggering portion of the population lost their lives, families, homes, infrastructure, and livelihoods in the storm. Food, water, medical care, and basic necessities suddenly became scarce and urgently needed. Although it might not be a premier surf destination, […]