How To Make Your Surfboard Last

Getting ahold of a surfboard with the perfect dimensions is a challenge. A lot of time, money, and material resource goes into the act of making sure you get it right. Once you have your magic board it makes sense to maintain it. Preserving your board will not only allow you to get the most out of it but also benefit the environment. Below are five practical tips for protecting your precious vessel and making it last.


Use A Boardbag Daily

Dings often occur when you’re in transit. While using a boardbag for surf travel is an obvious requirement, it’s also a good idea to keep it padded on a daily basis. Not only will this protect it from smashing into things on your way to and from the beach, but keeping it wrapped up will help insulate it from heat.

Store It Well

Heat and UV rays and can be damaging to your board, causing it to yellow, or bubble up and delaminate. Store it in a garage, under a deck, or any other place in the shade. You’ll also want to set up padded racks or some other system to ensure it doesn’t fall down. Don’t lean it up against your car, for example, when you’re suiting up. Aim for positions that guarantee it won’t be blown over by the wind or knocked down.

Give It A Shower

Saltwater is corrosive. If your local spot has a shower take a second to rinse your board before leaving the beach. Otherwise just spray it down with a hose when you get home before putting it away.

Clean It Up 

Taking the wax off once in a while will not only allow you to lighten it up a bit, but also enable you to get a good look the surface. When cleaned up you’ll be able to see cracking and other damage that was covered up. Check for small dings or cracks that go all the way through the deck – which leads us to the next step, repairing it.

Repair It

It’s tempting to keep surfing a board with open dings when the waves are good , but not a great idea as far as preserving your board goes. Most of us have done it at some point – and really if the waves are that good we’ll probably do it again. In that case, at least apply Sun Cure, Solarez or any other reputable quick fix resin designed to keep it dry for short term use. Remember to follow-up though, and take it into a professional, or do a more thorough repair job as soon as possible.


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photo by Jake S.