Reverberating Positivity – How To Help Mexico And Puerto Rico

For decades, Mexico and Puerto Rico have offered phenomenal wave rich destinations to traveling surfers. From thundering Puerto Escondido tubes to long cruisy waves at La Salidita to heaving Tres Palmas and perfect Rincon both regions have provided sheer epicness over the years.

In the wake of recent earthquakes and hurricanes both locations are rattled. Hundreds of people from Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Mexico City were killed and countless more rendered homeless. With aftershocks complicating rescue efforts the recovery process is sure to be a grueling long-term ordeal. Likewise Hurricanes Irma and Maria battered Puerto Rico and much of the Caribbean, leaving many inhabitants without power or a place to live. In Puerto Rico the Guajataca Dam was also compromised, putting as many as 70,000 more lives at risk should there be a total collapse.

While getting involved in humanitarian efforts from a distance might seem challenging, helping people recover from natural disasters offers the perfect way for surfers to give back to areas that have offered so much. We’ve been tapping into waves in both places for as long as surf travel has existed and now is the perfect time to reciprocate positive vibes.

The following organizations offer ways to help. Check out the websites below to learn more about each nonprofit and how you can contribute to the cause.



Puerto Rico

Waves For Water

Unidos por Puerto Rico

Global Giving





Direct Relief

Project Paz

Global Giving

International Community Foundation


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map of 8.1 magnitude earthquake range