Spraying Insight: High-End Pro-Environment Fins

What could be a better addition to your surfboard than high quality Futures Alpha Series fins made from recycled fishing nets and carbon fiber? How about knowing that each fin is made in the USA and a portion of your purchase goes to towards protecting sharks? That’s the model Bureo is presenting through a collaboration with Futures Fins.

The Bureo x Futures Fin is high end. According to their website “the Futures template reduces drag and improves performance over standard fiberglass or plastic injection fins.” Because they’re infused with carbon and air they’re light weight and strong. By strategically placing carbon fiber at the base of the fin, and a more “springy” material at the tip they allow for optimal drive and flex.

As if the performance features weren’t enough to convince you to try these fins, they also entail environmentally progressive elements. The plastic used in the fins is sourced from recycled fishing nets. Bureo has been making a name for themselves by reusing the raw material found in discarded fishing nets to make surf related items. From sunglasses to skateboards to handplanes to surf fins and frisbees, they’ve developed an entire product line derived from what would otherwise be pollution in the ocean.

Also, proceeds from the sales of these fins go towards an important ecological preservation effort – the Fin4Fin campaign. The goal is to raise awareness about finning and gather support for protecting sharks from this destructive practice.

So, slap in Bureo x Futures Fins and make a positive impact on the environment. Reduce plastic in the ocean, support locally made products, and help raise awareness about shark finning – simply by using a high quality set of Futures Fins and paddling out.


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Futures Alpha Series

featured photo by Jake S.