Surf Science – Collect Data As You Shred With Smartfin

It’s time to check-in about ocean health. The same element we depend on for our surfing fix is in peril. Coral reefs are suffering as water temps heat up, plastic is spreading like an epidemic, sea levels are rising, and superstorms like Harvey are devastating wide swaths of populated areas. And yet, thanks to inventions like Smartfin, it’s possible to get proactive and make a difference simply by continuing to surf.

Smartfin is a surfboard fin loaded with sensors, designed to collect near-shore data as you shred. It tracks salinity, pH, temperature, GPS location, oxygen, chlorophyll, and wave characteristics. All of this data is made available, virtually in real-time to scientists conducting ocean research throughout the world.

Becoming informed and educating others is a critical part of making progressive and beneficial change in the world – in this case working to improve ocean health. Simply by replacing one of your fins with a Smartfin and networking with other people who want to get involved you can help make a positive impact.

Check out this video and read more below for further details on how it works.

Smartfin was founded by Andrew Stern and developed as a partnership between Surfrider Foundation,  Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Futures Fins. Although the project has roots in San Diego, CA its technology can be applied anywhere in the world. Each fin costs roughly $200 and can be shared with a local community.

To start a Smartfin program in your local area contact Shannon Waters, Smartfin Project Manager at Surfrider Foundation, at or visit this website.

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