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There’s something so primal and satisfying about combing through sand and finding stuff at the beach. For evidence, just watch the pure fascination most kids exhibit while sifting through sediment on the shore. Many of us have been there, lost in the tide, collecting sand dollars, sea glass, shotgun shell casings, and other debris. Right now though, things are dire on the coast in this regard. There’s an unprecedented amount of plastic and other waste washing up on our shores that needs our attention.

In order to manifest a creative solution and inspire people to get involved, Surfrider Foundation launched a found object photo contest. The idea is pretty simple – find stuff at your local beach, arrange it in a creative way, take photos of it before cleaning it up, and submit the resulting image along with a six word story via Instagram. According to their website, “This story can include activities, memories or what contestants (and their community) are doing to protect that beach. The only catch is that the story must be six words only.”

Although prizes might not be as significant as increasing participation and awareness through this event, you can win things. A GoPro Hero5 Session, Surfrider Foundation memberships, gift cards, and Klean Kanteen reusable containers will be given out to selected winners.

In order to enter the competition, “post the photo to your Instagram account, write a 6-word story, and then tag @surfrider and use the hashtag #SurfriderFound to be entered in the contest.”

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