Pulling Into Smoke Bombs With Alex Gray

It’s always inspiring to watch Alex Gray surf. In any clip where he’s featured you’re virtually guaranteed to see some amazing tube riding skills. This edit, entitled Smoke Bomb, is no exception. In it he threads through deep section after deep section on a perfect sand bottom right point in Mexico. Click play and enjoy mind […]

Reverberating Positivity – How To Help Mexico And Puerto Rico

For decades, Mexico and Puerto Rico have offered phenomenal wave rich destinations to traveling surfers. From thundering Puerto Escondido tubes to long cruisy waves at La Salidita to heaving Tres Palmas and perfect Rincon both regions have provided sheer epicness over the years. In the wake of recent earthquakes and hurricanes both locations are rattled. […]

“Dispatch From Mexico”

With violence and murder rates spiking in Mexico the question for traveling surfers becomes, “Why would you take a risk and go there?” The answer comes in the form of a “Dispatch From Mexico” by Eugenio Barcelloni. Heaving barrels and sand bottom point perfection stand as evidence that there’s more to Mexico than the perils […]

Mexi Log Fest 2017 At La Saladita

Mexi Log Fest 2017, a unique surf invitational competition and music festival, goes down May 4-7th at La Salidita in Mexico: The multi-day experience includes yoga, local cuisine, surf clinics for kids, live music, and the marquee event – Joel Tudor’s Duct Tape Invitational “competition.” The goal of the contest is to showcase traditional logging, and classic style. Competitors […]