Pulling Into Smoke Bombs With Alex Gray

It’s always inspiring to watch Alex Gray surf. In any clip where he’s featured you’re virtually guaranteed to see some amazing tube riding skills. This edit, entitled Smoke Bomb, is no exception. In it he threads through deep section after deep section on a perfect sand bottom right point in Mexico. Click play and enjoy mind […]

Noa Mizuno Going “Full Speed”

Full Speed is an inspiring piece about finding your flow, taking a risk, being persistent, and following your dreams. Focused in on young Hawaiian Noa Mizuno and his quest to evolve, it includes quality footage of enticing landscapes, and passionate surfing in high caliber waves. Press play and enjoy a fresh take on a classic […]

Carissa Moore And “Morocco In Flux”

While Carissa Moore is competitive she generally lets her surfing do the talking. With three world championships to her name, a humble demeanor, and an infectious smile it’s impossible not to be a fan of her act. In the clip below, it’s refreshing to see her surf without a jersey on. Add a few camel rides, […]