“The Reef Beneath”

The Reef Beneath is a short film publicizing the critical condition of the Great Barrier Reef. Presented by Patagonia, it follows Belinda Baggs, Kimi Werner, and Wayne Lynch on their mission to sail through and get a first-hand look at the reef and surrounding ecosystems while documenting everything they encounter.

As the largest living structure on Earth, the reef’s threatened condition is telling. It hosts a vast amount of sea life, including hundreds of kinds of coral and jellyfish, about 3,000 species of mollusks, more than 1,500 varieties of fish, hundreds of types of sharks, along with significant populations of dolphins and whales. Yet, roughly two-thirds of the coral in the northern regions has died off due to bleaching, a process that causes coral reefs to expel algae as water temperatures rise. The coral reef die-off has been strongly correlated to climate change in the journal Nature indicating that human activity is responsible.

With this situation becoming more serious as time moves on, questioning what can be done to prevent further destruction of the reef and environment at large is paramount. To begin with watch The Reef Beneath and comb through the suggestions for action below.



5 ways to combat climate change:


1. Spread The Word

Spread information about climate change through social media and more direct forms of contact. Pressure law makers into regulating carbon emissions by writing letters, emails, and holding them accountable during elections.


2. Support Organizations Taking On The Fight

Look into supporting organizations like Fight For Our Reef, Surfrider Foundation, National Resource Defense Council, Sustainable Surf, Ocean Conservancy, and others out there on the front lines of pertinent political, legal, and direct action battles.


3. Downshift Transportation Dependency

Aim for fuel efficient automobiles and maintain them. It’s been estimated that 1.2 billion gallons of gas can be saved each year if we would simply monitor tire pressure and keep our cars properly tuned. Minimize air travel, take trains, car pool, ride bikes, and keep things local when you can.


4. Don’t Waste Food

The food industry uses a massive amount of energy producing, preparing, and shipping food – much of which gets thrown out. Simply by being mindful of the food you consume, energy can be saved.


5. Shop Consciously  

When you shop, buy products from companies that are out to make a difference in the world. Patagonia, Outerknown, Matuse, Vissla, Bureo, Rareform, Wave Tribe, Huckleberry Surf Co., Manda, Hess Surfboards, Firewire, and Ecoboard Project are some examples of innovative brands and labels to look for. Dig around – there are more sprouting up as knowledge about the issue becomes widespread.

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