Tyler Warren – Art And Shapes Show Plus Video At “Home”

Tyler Warren’s Instagram is full of images of intriguing surfboard and fin designs. From retro inspired twin fins, to thrusters, eggs, mid-length single fins and logs, the shapes he’s pushing out into the world are polished with charisma. In a recent video release, “Home,” he puts on an alternative craft riding clinic. In it he surfs 11 different shapes on the long fun walls at his home break – the perfect canvas for surfboard experimentation.

Along with shaping boards and test-driving them with style, Warren is known for his work as an artist. His oil paintings and drawings depict idyllic throwback beach culture scenery. Vans, logs, surfscapes, and women in retro bathing suits account for some of his subjects. Click here to view images of his artwork.

Warren’s art and surfboard designs will be on display starting in August, with an opening on Friday 18th, 2017 at Hobie Surf Shop in San Clemente from 7-9pm. There will be music by The Soul Beacons and photography by Sage Burgess.

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Edited by Jon Arman

Tyler Warren Shapes