John John Florence’s Ocean Health Challenge

Reigning world champion John John Florence is a living legend. Not only has he won a world title, the Quicksilver Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational, three Vans Triple Crown of Surfing titles, and blown countless minds around the world with footage from his free surfs, but he’s also got game outside of the line-up. Florence is a skilled sailor, bee keeper, and photographer. On top of that he’s dabbling with ocean based environmentalism. He recently put up a challenge for everyone on social media to show what they’re doing to improve ocean health.

Here’s what he posted on his Instagram:

“I want to learn more about the people making an impact on ocean health. If you know of a friend, person, or group that you think should be recognized, post a photo or video, with a little story about what they are doing, and tag #getoutthereandlearn They can be focused on marine debris clean up, making art from recycled plastics, or even just picking up trash on the beach. Excited to see what you guys come up with!! I will choose my favorites and send a gift pack.”

The Good Brine is also curious to see how this plays out. So get involved. Document what you’re doing to improve ocean health. Post it on Instagram and tag #getoutthereandlearn. Win swag! If nothing else we’ll get a glimpse of some progressive campaigns spotlighted on John John’s feed.

While claiming a world title is amazing, using fame and accolades gained from success as a competitive surfer to boost the quality of our oceans is nothing less than legendary. Campaigns like #getoutthereandlearn are perfect examples of how to get progressive from within surf culture and inspire others to make a difference along the way.

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photo: Matt Borries