“Message In A Bottle” Art Show In SF Accepting Submissions

Ocean health, art, community education on the topic of plastic pollution, good vibes, and inspirational activism – what’s not to like about the upcoming collaborative art show dubbed Message In A Bottle? Hosted by the San Francisco Chapter of Surfrider Foundation, this event is entering its third year and evolving as it goes. Set to […]

Paddling Into The Outerknown

Eleven time world champ, Kelly Slater, is not done making an impact on surf culture. With too many competitive victories to name, and a litany of humanitarian contributions already behind him like displaced water from his last cutback, it’s safe to say Slater is pushing the limits of surfing into the Outerknown. The moniker, “Outerknown” is not only the freakish […]

Sea Legacy And Paul Nicklen’s Visual Call To Action

Paul Nicklen’s photographs are raw, taking his viewers to locations and settings most humans will never go, offering an intimate look at unique species few people are likely to encounter. Massive ice caps melting in the far reaches of Norway, narwhals in the Arctic, leopard seals hunting penguins below ice sheets, and divers swimming beneath massive waves in Hawaii […]

Green Friday Pays Off

Patagonia made huge strides on the day after Thanksgiving, helping to turn Black Friday green by donating 100% of sales to grassroots organizations focused on protecting the environment. The company raised about $10 million, exceeding expectations by a long shot and empowering those on the front lines of environmental stewardship. Some of the ocean and marine life related […]